How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Does your hair seem like it takes forever to grow? Maybe you’ve recently made a big chop and now you’re ready for your hair to be long and luscious again. No matter the reason you’re rushing your hair growth, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process.

Start With Proper Nutrition

You are what you eat, and that goes for your hair. Nutritional deficiencies are some of the biggest culprits behind weak, damaged hair with constant breakage that refuses to grow. If you have an iron deficiency, for example, it can cause your hair to be thin and dull. Many doctors recommend foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B and vitamin E to provide the type of nourishment that enhances hair growth. And many women have found favorable results after several months as a result of taking hair supplements containing biotin, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Avoid Heat Damage

Too much heat can have damaging long-term effects on your hair. If air-drying is an option for your hair, put your hair dryers and irons aside when possible. You can also explore alternative hair setting options, such as braids, twists and good old foam or Velcro hair rollers.

When you do opt-in for blow drying, set the temperature as low as you can in order to accomplish your desired hairstyle, and keep the blow dryer nozzle at least six inches from your scalp. A lower heat setting is also the best strategy when using flat irons and curling irons, and be sure to shield your hair from heat damage with heat protection products.

Brush Hair Wisely

Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Use a wide tooth comb (or a brush specifically designed for wet hair) to detangle, and work slowly and carefully from the bottom up to avoid hair breakage. When your hair is dry, brush it with a cushioned brush with boar bristles, which are gentle on fragile hair. Use the brush to stimulate your scalp and enhance circulation and healthy hair growth.

Trim Hair Regularly

It’s tempting to avoid scissors completely when you’re trying to grow your hair, but frequent hair trims are actually a wise strategy. Keeping your ends crisp and neat helps prevent split ends and fraying, which can lead to hair breakage and slow down the rate of hair growth. So keep up those regular haircut appointments, and let your hairstylist “dust” the ends to keep each hair strong and intact. Book an appointment with us when you’re ready for your next trim.

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