Delve into the season’s biggest beauty trends as seen on the runways…

Alyson Osterman-Kerr introduces us to the season’s sizzling beauty trends with 2014′s spring/summer runways.

Spring: a time of renewal, whether in the form of welcome warmer weather, new fashion choices or even fresh beauty perspectives. This season’s runways bring forth some classic style staples (think: long waves)

as well as more outre trends (hello, white-rimmed eyes!).

While not all trends are for all people, we’re convinced that many of these looks can be adapted for you, so that you may hop on the latest beauty bandwagons with confidence. Hence, I’ve organized my favorite styles into three categories: Feisty, Fierce, and Fearless, in ascending dramatic order. Now, it’s time to get the season started with the latest beauty inspirations!


Full Plaits: Braids have been on the beauty forefront for a few years now, but this season’s iterations–even the most simplistic–still take the style up a notch. The angel braid gets double-crossed for a bolder effect. It’s all about braids and their effortlessly chic effect. Braided hair has this undone intensity; it’s constructed yet deconstructed.

Play the Ponies: What was once considered the fitness fanatic’s go-to has over the years become a chic norm, but never more so than today.

Ride the Waves: Perhaps the most timeless of hair staples. This style is left to hang loose and luscious. Get the look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.

It Takes Two: Two-tone color took over the runways. In the form of striking subtlety, this style has a partially concealed color pattern beneath the hair.

Carte Blanche: White eye makeup is a timeless ingredient to making peepers pop. A sheer white wash extending to the outer edges lend an angelic feel.

Cat Call: The cat eye continues to be a beauty staple. Here, it’s played natural.


Textured Twists: In different places for an undone appearance. The most effortless-looking of all the braid styles are usually the most contrived!

Fun and Flirty: Ponytails are hotter than ever!

Pulled Back and Up: Airy Sophistication. Messy waves were all over the runways and ad campaigns this season.

Fierce Boldness: Rooty contrast. Of course, dynamic duos can be as daring as you see fit and may be adapted into a more natural variation of complementary contrasts.

Striking Dab: White at the inner corners make for a more look-at-me stare. This season’s catwalks saw more than just white liner rimming the edges of the eye.

Eclectic: The cat eye has been an ongoing makeup staple since the ’50s when liquid eyeliner came out. A blue flick brings a fresh twist to the trend.


Lovely Mess: A great look for spring and summer.

Classic with an Outside-the-box Edge: What’s wonderful is that depending on how you dress it, the style can have a completely different feel. A textured ponytail can ring as modern and casual, while a slicked-back look can evoke a more elegant feel.

Kinked Out to the Nth Degree: I particularly love the rougher texture of today’s waves–it adds a dimension of modernity.

Dip-dye: It’s a very colorful season. Wella Professionals Global Creative Director for Color, informs. “Bold, opaque standout shades dominated the catwalks and screamed strength and individuality.”

Pale Stripe: On the middle of lids is the most daring trend. Played down with minimal makeup on the rest of the face, the look manages to remain wearable rather than skewing too over-the-top. White eye makeup may seem to scream ’60s costume-y, but the truth is that this popular and chic look can actually be very ‘mod-ern.’ White eye pencil and shadow accentuate eyes, making them appear larger and more doe-eyed. The key to keeping the white-eye look on trend is to stay away from overly shimmery whites, making sure that the finish is matte or satin.

Kohl Eyes: The cat eye can be traced back to the days of Cleopatra when they used kohl to paint around the eyes. It’s a classic that will never cease to be popular, but of course, you can always inject your personal spin into the trend–infuse it with a bolder stripe for a big event, or a light flick for more everyday wear.

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