Common Hair Care Myths you Should Know

Trimming your Hair Makes it Grow Faster

Regular hair trims can prevent split ends that cause the growth of your hair to appear slower. However, the amount of times you trim your hair does not affect how fast your hair will grow from your scalp. While regular trims will not speed up the growth of your hair, you can enhance the overall health of your hair by getting regular trims. Marbella will make sure your styling preferences are tailored to your specific long term and short term hair needs. 

Brushing More Makes Hair Healthier

Often, hair brushing is seen as a remedy to vibrant healthy-looking hair, but this is not always the case. There are plusses to brushing your hair by redistributing oils throughout your hair. Yes, this redistribution is positive, but too much brushing can actually cause damage and breakage. Therefore, it is recommended to brush only as needed while being gentle as you start from the bottom of your hair to the scalp.

Stress Causes Gray Hair

Though you may be feeling stressed, gray hairs are mostly caused by genetics. The older you get the less melanin gets produced which is responsible for your natural hair color. For all of your gray hair concerns our expert stylists will make sure your hair color is healthy and shines!

Air Drying is Better than Blow Drying

Often, heard are stories about heat damage from over stressing your hair with heat from blow dryers. One study from Annals of Dermatology explained how blow-drying causes damage to the surface of the hair, but within the strands themselves air drying can cause more damage. So what steps should you take to dry your hair as safely as possible? Experts recommend drying your hair 75 percent of the way without heat and then dry your hair with the blow dryer the rest of the way. 

For questions about hair misconceptions and making the right decisions with your hair contact us today!

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