Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is upon us! That means fun in the sun, lounging at the beach, and diving in chlorine filled swimming pools. All of these can really take a toll on your hair. Here we have gathered some essential healthy hair tips to survive this summer and keep it looking gorgeous and healthy.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Don’t pull your hair up and make it tight. Summer can cause your hair to be dry and brittle. Wearing your hair up loosely will help prevent breakage and keep you cooler. Try doing a loose messy braid or a messy bun.

Don’t Wash the Day of Swimming

If you plan to go swimming, make sure not to wash your hair the day of swimming. It can strip away those protective oils. It will leave your hair more likely to get damage and dry out. You can deep condition your hair the day before, to add extra protection.

Wet Your Hair Before Taking a Dive

Right before you take a swim, rinse your hair with water. This will help your hair absorb less chlorine. Then after you finish swimming, wash and deep condition your hair, to protect and get rid of minerals and chlorine.

Wash It Less Often

Skip a few wash days during the summer. This will help your hair moisturize itself naturally. When you do wash it look for brands that offer a high SPF and that are gentle and nourishing.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

Summer is prime time for split ends. Make sure to keep up with getting your hair trimmed, to keep it looking healthy and have flowing gorgeous locks. Schedule an appointment with us and let our professionals help keep your hair summer time ready.

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