The Best Fall Hairstyles

You’re probably noticing that summer has come to an end and fall is creeping in. As you cheerfully pull your boots out of their summer resting places and air out your sweaters, it’s also time to check in the mirror to see if your current hairstyle is ready for fall. If it’s time for a change, consider these trending hair ideas.


One of the most fun trends this fall is a wild color for hair. Pink and blue aren’t just for clothes anymore! You’ll be seeing bright tips and streaks everywhere. More natural colors are also on point this season. Ice-white locks and fiery auburns are pretty popular and can be an extreme change without being over the top. Be warned, the ombre hair is giving way to longer root regrowth, so make an appointment one of our amazing salons in TX soon!

New Cuts

Loose waves, as well as stick-straight hair, are trendy, which is great news since every type of hair should be able to find a fantastic cut. A deep side part has made a reappearance with both straight and wavy hair. Bangs are popular, too. Both blunt cuts and free-spirited fringes will be framing faces all fall.

Long layers are freshening both medium and long styles. The pixie is here to stay and is keeping current with funky layering to allow for styling options. Whether short or long, asymmetry is in thanks to the natural look it gives hair.

Fun Styles

We’re excited to see that braids are still on the runway. It’s more acceptable than ever to have a messy, I-did-this-in-five-minutes French braid. Loose buns can also be put into place in a sophisticatedly sloppy way. Want a sleeker look? Try a side ponytail.

The wet look has popped up and we are loving it! Use a wet-look gel to comb through the bottom of your curls, or over your side-swept bangs. Even elegantly pinned-up hair is looking fresher with a bit of a wet look. It’s also perfect for taking your day-after-a-shower ponytail up a notch.


Regardless of the color, cut, or style you choose, hair accessories can add the wow factor you’re looking for. Headbands are back and better than ever! Metal, fabric, flowered, or bejeweled, a headband will finish your look. Hair pins and clips are appearing in newer, fresher styles, too. They’re perfect paired with a loose, funky braid or decorating a tight topknot. Feeling adventurous? Try both a headband and a fun clip.

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